Saturday, July 4, 2015

Some Things to Bring When Traveling With KIds

When you have kids traveling with you, it is always best to bring  stuff that would occupy their mind  during the flight or  when on the road.  I always prepare  and bring  my kids things like Lego pieces , books, notebooks, pens and pencil, and snacks.  My daughter love to  draw  or write  when we travel so I always  keep that in mind.  
 My son on the other hand love to  build things so lego pieces are perfect to bring for him.  I just make sure that they are in a ziploc bag so he won't  lose any.
Snack and drinks are very important as well.  When you have snack in the car during a road trip, it eliminates the stop on food chain unless of course for rest stops which is necessary.  
 Hotels usually have complimentary drinks like tea or coffee but sometimes there's none for the kids so it is advantageous  when youhave juice or bottles of ater with you.

We are going on a road trip next week so  it would be something that we are looking forward to.

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