Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pop Corn

Pop..pop...pop.. pop.. Popcorn, one of the favorite snacks in theaters. I for one like pop corn, how about you?
We bought a bag of Trail End classic caramel coated pop corn from our neighbor's grandson a few  weeks back.  It was extra crunchy and delicious.  My son likes pop corn when it has a touch of cheese but I like it  with caramel or even just plain.
Thanks for visiting folks.  I am  at school and will visit back as soon as I can.
ABC Wednesday


  1. Amazingly tasty stuff.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I love pop corn too kahit pa anong flavour! Sarap!!

    Ingat dyan sa school, Rose!

  3. Just had some last night. Love the stuff, perhaps a bit too much at times.

  4. Oh yeah, love em.

  5. crunchy and caramelized, that's how i like. i'll buy one later.

  6. Oh, great images, and I found a new "crush" on popcorn: At some store, I picked up a bag of goodies at the coffee shop, intending to share with everyone at home: Popcorn, cashew nuts, and toffee, drizzled with gourmet dark chocolate.

    The bag never made it past the second aisle of the store!! Amy

  7. shucks, craving again! here for ABC Wednesday of last week. :)


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