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If you are a blogger like me who writes paid ads in blogs, I am sure that you are familiar with the company Loudlaunch. Loudlaunch is like any other companies online where bloggers and Advertisers connect. I have been a member of this site years ago, wrote a lot of review till my earnings went over $800. They used to pay regularly until they made a change at their site. 

 With their new system now, new members get paid every Friday for the articles they wrote but unfortunately for an old member like me, our earnings is being paid whenever they wish for $5 a pay. I am very disappointed about their system and wrote them emails many times but nothing happened. 

As you can see in the screen shot,  I still have $685 pending and I don't know when their next pay will come through. I accumulated those earnings in the late  months of 2011 and it is 2013 and still has a long way to go before I get paid.  It's frustrating that you work hard for them but they DO NOT compensate you in a timely manner.

 For the Loudlaunch team, I hope you read this post.


  1. wow, 2011 and still not yet paid? i'm speechless. :) i hope they work this out and give at least an explanation. good luck on that sis.

  2. wow ang laki pa.. buti ako $14 na lang.. d na kasi ako gumawa non dahil d naman nagbabayad..i have a friend more than $1,000 pa nga utang nila eh.. I hope mabayaran na din tayo lalo kayo kahit paunti unti

  3. This is really sad. When you contacted them, ano sabi nila about it? It's really unfortunate for bloggers like us not to get paid for the efforts we give them. Sige lang sis, baka biglang magbayad sila so parang gift nalang yung remaining $$$.

  4. Nothing quite as frustrating as being cheated. I have experienced too much of that while freelancing. I will be steering clear of this one. Thanks!

  5. I have heard a lot of stories about Loudlaunch failure to pay their bloggers. I was given task the first time few weeks ago but I did not have the time to write so the task expired. I take it as a blessing in disguise.

    Ang hirap kaya magsulat ng opps tapos hindi ka mabayaran. Ang laki naman ng utang nila sa iyo sis talagang mag right kang sumama ang loob. :(

  6. Wow! Now that they took me off their system (apparently I have ignored their email notifications of tasks assigned to me), I think I should be thankful.

  7. Thanks for sharing this sis. Would you believe I joined them on 2008 and just got approved this year? I got excited at first but after reading your post about them, I think it's better not to get assignments from them if they will renege on payments.

    I hope you get what's due to you for the posts you have completed via their platform. It's a big amount of money that you poured your labor into.

  8. oh, i am so sorry to hear about this, thanks for sharing. i have not heard about them, and this post made me aware of the company's practices, and i will definitely take note on this one.

  9. Oh my that's a lot of money and I can imagine how frustrating that can be for you. It's not that easy to write an article and it's not very fair to hold their payments like that.

  10. It is so unfair to have done your part and then given the run-around when payment time comes. Hope you get your payment.

  11. Ay, hulugan ang nangyari. Sana makuha mo rin lahat ang para sa iyo kahit abutin na ng 100 years.. LOL

  12. wow, that's big amount and that's nice of the company not to pay what you worked hard for. i wish they can read this and pay you somehow, someday soon! goodluck sis.

  13. I would be disappointed as well, if I were in your shoes.. Ang tagal na po at malaking halaga din ang perang di pa nila nababayaran sa 'yo.. Sana, maayos at matapos na yang issue mo sa kanila para maibigay na po sa inyo ang dapat na sa inyo.. Pinaghirapan nyo naman po yun eh, kaya dapat, sumusunod sila sa policy nila..

  14. buti ka pa sis you are still able to open your account...I have no idea what went wrong with mine.

  15. Aw, very frustrating naman ang experience mo sa kanila sis. So far so good naman sa akin. I got paid every 15 days.

    My advise, please discontinue writing for them. 2011 pa yan and I know they are aware of it. They are taking advantage kase you still grabbing the offer without pay. Tsaka ka na mag grab uli kung nabayaran ka na.

    Kung meron silang offer sau, tell them the truth. YOu're not taking the offer kase hindi nyo pa ako nabaran. Something like that...

  16. Whoa! That sucks! Glad I am not with them.

  17. For me they have to pay me more than $500 and instead of paying me they have blocked my account so that I could not pressure them to get my payment. Hence fellow bloggers please stay away from them.


    1. Yup, it's indeed frustrating and aggravating that they cheated on us..


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