Monday, November 26, 2012

Online Drama Shows at Blip

When it comes to shows, I like watching those with a touch of drama and mystery.  There's something in those shows that   connects me  to it and it's nice to watch them online especially if I  have two  competition when it comes to watching TV.  I hardly watch TV at home because  when it's on, it's the kids that are watching their shows.  But it's okay with me since there are   a few online sources that I know that post those videos and   allow you to watch the series  you missed.

Another emerging source of entertainment is the  online drama shows that are basically produced for online  showing.  Blip.TV is an online resource for the best dram series like Every Breath You Take, In His Steps, In-Transit and more.  They also have comedies, arts, sports, and other shows.  If you take a look at it, it's a brilliant idea because some talented individuals can  fully developed the full potential in creating a plot, producing a show or simply show their skill in acting.  The best part of it is we get to enjoy watching those  shows that they did.  And oh, just like any other  TV channel, they also  let you connect to  social media like Facebook so you can share whatever series you w love watching and  share it to your friends.

Back to watching my favorite TV shows online, I do that when I have free time after I do my house chores and  online tasks.  I a actually tempted to tell my husband to cancel our satellite TV  and just watch shows online.  It's free and the quality of viewing is just the same but I know that my husband would not agree hehehe.  

If you are interested to know what  are the web series that the above mentioned website offers, you may visit them through the link I have provided above.  You'd be surprised to find  great  shows online and you can access it for free, no string attached. I must admit that I enjoy watching my favorite shows  online rather  than watching it on TV because it is less commercial and I get to do other  things  online  such as writing articles while  taking a glimpse to the shows that is on.  

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  1. I keep trying to open your link and get a pop up saying copywrited material. I just want to see what the site is about. ?


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