Friday, November 16, 2012

Adding Asian Flavors

If you taste buds are screaming for a change from your usual cooking style, consider adding some Asian flavors to your meals. Bold, spicy flavors paired with sweet flavors of plum and ginger can really wake up your mouth and add pizzazz to your day. Take a visit to the Asian aisle at your grocery store and explore these new and exciting flavors, but do not forget to stop by the cookware store, too. When it comes to Asian, any old pot does not do the job. You really need a great cast iron wok to get the flavors just right.

If you have never seen a wok before, it helps to know what you are looking for. A cast iron cooking wok has a round-bottomed shape and looks like a deep frying pan. It has two  handles, one on either side and can be anywhere from 12 to 50 inches in diameter. You probably want a moderately-sized wok for your home, since it has to fit on your burners. You can pick a cast iron coated wok or one made of solid material. There is little difference if you only plan on using it occasionally, but the solid material is more durable in the long run. Once you have chosen a wok to meet your needs, it is time to accumulate recipes for pot stickers, stir fries and spicy noodle soups.

Adding an Asian vibe to your cooking is a great way to shake things up in the kitchen. With a good wok and some creativity, you can create meals that appeal to any taste.

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  1. Not only better tasting, but healthier!! I LOVE Asian cooking!


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