Thursday, October 18, 2012

Save Money with DealDash

Major holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are fast approaching.  Some of you are already looking for deals  to save money in buying the things that they want to give for Christmas and things that they need for the   big occasion.  Did you know that DealDash can save you money in doing your shopping?  For those of you who  doesn't know how   DealDash works, here is a brief  introduction to the site.  This website is a risk-free alternative to penny auctions, it is honest and  fair to all the bidders.  It doesn't cost to become a member but you are required to  purchase bid packs that comes in 60, 100, and more.   Normal prices is 60¢ but there are also  the 15¢ for frequent or regular bidder.  

There are three things that makes   DealDash risk free.

  1. If you are a first time bidder and you did not win any auction, DealDash will return the bids from your first bid packs  for free, so you ca use it again in bidding to other auction.
  2. If you bid in an item and did not win, they  have a "Buy it Now" option where you can buy the item that you like at a regular price and get back the amount of bids that you spent in it.  So, it is a win-win situation.
  3. Money Back Guarantee is a feature that would ensure   bidders  to  get the money you spent in an item if in any reason, you are not satisfied with it.  DealDash will  return the money without any question ask.
Try DealDash risk free today, just visit any of the  links provided above.

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