Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My daughter is selling their school's annual fund raising candies. My neighbor took her around our neighborhood and she got a lot of orders! Well, the other day, our neighbor's grandson was selling some popcorn for their school's fund raising as well. The catalog that he brought has some delicious flavorings of popcorn. I was going to buy the pop corn kernels but I realized that I would need one of those popcorn machines to pop them. So I just ordered the ready-to-eat popcorn. 

  Check it out here to see some selections of each type of popcorn machine if you are planning to buy one. Hey, you can put me on your Christmas gift list for this Christmas! Hahaha. Just kidding folks. Seriously though, I would love to have a popcorn machine because my kids and I love popcorn. I used to buy those pop corn packages that you can just pop in a microwave, and I think it just got old (hahaha). I can't wait till we get the popcorn that I ordered, it could spark the start of us getting hooked on popcorn again. I mean, we don't eat it often, just once in awhile when all of us sit together and watch a good movie. I would love to own a popcorn machine, so maybe someday I will buy one when the budget permits.

 On another note, you may visit any of the links provided above if you are looking for a good selection in a popcorn machine. It would make your movie night at home terrific. My kids would always eat the popcorn even before the movie was over. It's a fun snack and you can choose what flavor you want to serve for your kids and friends. Check them out.


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