Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet the GARDEN Enthusiasts in Facebook

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Before I planted my veggies this year, I tried the  Expand and Grow from Miracle Gro and  man oh man, it was a huge difference compared to the previous years.  My veggies were taller and healthier and gave me a lot of produce.  I still have a big batch to can, I am waiting for all of them to ripen up. Ever since I started following Miracle Gro in Facebook I have learned a lot of techniques  in gardening.  Miracle Gro and The Home Depot  have teamed up to powered up a website that  is dedicated solely on gardening.  If you want to learn some tips and ideas, I  highly recommend  visiting the Gardenieres website.  They have  useful tips that you can watch through the  videos that  gardeniers green thumb exclusive members have shared, you can watch one of them below.  You can also  get connected with other gardeners around the world  by liking the  Miracle-Gro Facebook page.  You can get great seasonal ideas about decorating your home this Fall, during Spring, and Summer time.  You can also share your ideas that other gardeners might be interested in.  Check out this potted herb garden video, if you want to  grow herb  all season long.
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