Thursday, September 27, 2012

Web Classes

My husband  went through a second interview yesterday for his  permanent employment   The result will be in in few more weeks and he is anxious  to learn the result.  I hope that he  can  be accepted as a permanent employee there so he could  enjoy the  benefits that the company has for their employees.  Right now, he works as a temp and he doesn't have  the benefits that the company offers.  He told me that  the HR  lady asked him why he preferred to apply for  the position that he's in now  and not the  kind of job that is related to  the degree that he  acquired from school.  He told her that  it is preferable to start from the bottom so he would know the ins and outs of the  company before he  moves on and  try to apply for the  higher position.  

He  has 10 months of education benefits left from his G.I. Bill and he is thinking of taking some masters program. Since he is now working full time, the only option he has is to do it online.  It is not his priority  to go back to school again but if he can do it online and  won't affect his work, he will do it.  Learning Gate is one of the resources that he pulled out online.  Learning Gate is a division of career academy that offers affordable all inclusive online  learning memberships for IT certification and office skills.  

This website is preferable if you are pursuing  profession leaning towards IT development and office  administration jobs.  You can check out their free trial to see if this is something that you can use.  Their program provides an unlimited live web classes, on demand training and a lot more. Topics that are covered includes online marketing, project management, executive strategy, quickbooks, microsoft office and  other  topics that are in demand in these high technology world that we are living in.

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