Monday, August 6, 2012

Perfect Shadows

Railing, kids, and bicycle makes perfect shadows.

Photos were taken before we landscape the yard.  I caught Mr. Burrito picking the  creeping Phlox flowers.  Mr. Burrito love digging the dirt to get worms and pick flowers as well.
"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, 
casts the shadow of our burden behind us."
-Samuel Smiles-
Shadow Shots
ABC Wednesday


  1. Love these photos. You are lucky you have the sun to take them. We have had a cloudy day today, pretty dismal. Diane

  2. what wonderful shots! ^_^ most especially, i love the smile.

    Zoie's Mom

  3. great sequence of strong shadows...

  4. String, defined shadows! And love the smile on the little one's face!

  5. something basic about digging dirt; I still like it!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. What little boy doesn't like digging in the dirt?
    Mine always loved that.

  7. Digging dirt has been always the interest of mankind.. Pun intended

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team


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