Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zebu and Zebrula

Photo credit goes to the above mentioned  source.
I found two critters  that starts with letter Z. First one is the Zebu, it is a domesticated ox having a humped back and long horns and a large dewlap.  They are   used chiefly as a draft animal in India and east Asia.  Below is a photo by Loonie Hoover posted at

The second  Z critter is the Zebrula, a cross between a male zebra and a female horse.  Below are photos from Never Ending Story blog.  Zebrula is also called Zorse, it is  a zebroid, specifically the offspring of a zebra stallion and a horse mare.
I was going to include the Zemni, the blind mole rat (Spalax typhlus) which is native of Eastern Europe and Asia but I couldn't find a photo with no copyrights So I scraped the idea. Oh, before I  forgot, do you know that mourning dove is  also known as Zenaidura?
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  1. Fascinating post! I've never heard of those animals before and you certainly found some great photos of them!

    abcw team

  2. Wow, the white/black creature is really vivid!

  3. I find those zebra/horse mixed animals so peculiar.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Great pics of the animals! Great find for the z!

  5. I have never seen such a bull ! but the horse/zebra I saw in the Antwerp zoo ! great pictures !
    ABC team

  6. You must know the "Song of the Cebu (Zebu)"

  7. Who knew there lived a cross between a zebra and a horse, and that the contrast in colors would be so lovely? First time here, thanks to ABC, and I love your work. Amy

  8. I'm with Roger—the horse/zebra IS peculiar—but interesting!

  9. Seriously amazing! I've never seen any of those animals.

  10. Well, now I think I've seen everything! Great Zs.


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