Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Secret of Youth

When I came here in the States,  was seven months old pregnant with our first child  so I brought  with me some  medicines that I was comfortable using.  Some of   those are herbal medicines that I  grew up using.  In the place where I grew up in, we never really went  to the doctor  or hospital unless it's a quite serious situation.  We always have a medicinal plants in our backyard to cure  illnesses.  I'll give you one specific  example of the herbal  plant that we used to cure wound, the oregano.  We never used that plant to cook so when I came here in the States, I was surprised to know that  it is being  used for cooking purposes.  

We also used some beauty products that  are Asian in origin.  I remember some of  the colleagues I knew were very fond of using  the  Chin Chun Su cream  (not sure if  I remember the name correctly).  It did work  great on their faces so I tried it too but  it wasn't something that I am comfortably suing so after a  week, I stopped lol.  With that being said, I would like to share to you an article I have found online about the   secret of youth at the Solstice Medicine blog.   

Reading this website  somehow brings me back memories when I was still in my country using  some products that  are similar to what they have in their site.  Based from what I read, Chinese believe that  the secret of youth is in the oriental ginseng plant.  The root of the ginseng  plant is highly prized in the Chinese medicine which led me to believe that  it's really a good ingredients  that  produces results.    China is the leading producers when it comes to a lot of stuff and medicine is one of the products that they take pride of.  Does anyone of you uses herbal medicine in treating some   health issues?  

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