Monday, July 16, 2012

Locking Mailboxes

Few years ago,  a group of teenagers pulled a prank  in our neighborhood's mailboxes, they thought it's cool to  bust the mailboxes.  All of us reported a complaint about the incident  and the city responded and offer to reimburse us with the cost, all we have to do is to submit an estimated  cost for it.  We decided to just let it go and  just bought a  new mailbox, the teens were reprimanded with what they did anyway.  

There are secure mailboxes residential that you can find online.  MailboxIxchnage has a huge list of lockable mailbox for sale with different style and features.  Good  thing about this locking feature is that, no one could ever   get into your  correspondents.  This is a good one to have if  there are individuals messing with your mails. If you are planning to buy new  mailbox whether for  residential or commercial purposes,  visit the above mentioned  website through the links.  They have  a big selection that you can choose from.

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