Friday, July 6, 2012

Connect 4

One of Mr. Burrito's favorite game, Connect 4. When  he does not want to play the game, he love stacking them up.
I always tell my kids that they are  very lucky to enjoy so many things during childhood as I never got to experienced any of these things when I was growing up.  I remember  in high school, I really wanted to play xylophone  but I couldn't because  you have to buy your own instrument.  I joined the drum and bugle corps of the school anyway even if couldn't be a xylophonist.  I joined the  drummer team instead because the drums are provided for by the school.


  1. Nice one. My kids love playing this game too :)

  2. i remember playing this game when i was young..

    a visit from kimmy!

  3. Used to be one of our favorite game too, but now it's chucked one corner as the kids are now grown men!

  4. He is such a cutie! Little boys always love stacking things...wonder why?

  5. I play Connect 4 with my daughter. She often beats me!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Great relationship, kids who have parents who love to play actual, tactile games with them. Love it. Also, can sympathize with your xylophone desires... my daughter was the first female drummer in her middle school, and several girls followed her lead. She also wanted a xylophone for the school. Instead, she learned to play pan drums her dad brought back from Jamaica. Great post, first time here, and thanks! Amy

  7. I taught high school band and always appreciated a good xylophonist. Too bad you didn't get your wish! Fun photo of Mr. Burrito!

  8. Such a cute shot!
    I wanted to play the trumpet - lived too far out of town and my parents couldn't afford to buy me and instrument either.
    I joined the choir. :)


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