Monday, March 24, 2014

Explorer in Pittsburgh River

I will never get tired of taking photos of the view of Pittsburgh River. There are so many elements that makes the river captivating.  The tall buildings, the bridges, big stadiums  and other  things.
This Explorer  was located adjacent to  the USS Requinn submarine, an attraction feature at Carnegie Science Center.
We did not get to go inside this explorer but we had so much fun exploring inside the submarine.  More photos to come next time.


  1. I've never been on a submarine before.

  2. I've always wanted to learn the history of this country it seems like they have more to explore, glad you have the chance to know about Pittsburg

  3. Never been to Pittsburgh, but would love to tour some of the old steel mills.

  4. Stunning view and it's just beautiful. If we live closer I would take the kids for a picnic. I am sure we will have so much fun eating our meals while staring on those beautiful buildings.

  5. I think I'm gonna love running in the side of the river.

  6. Submarine, it's really good to explore inside like the movie :The Red October

  7. nice view of the riverside. there's just so many rivers here. but no plans for the government to make it as an attraction other than for people to dump trash in the rivers. sigh!


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