Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Popcorn machines for home movies

Watching the cooking shows all the time, gives my daughter so many ideas about "must have" things in the kitchen. She has this long lists of kitchen gadgets that she wants to have in our kitchen and one of them is a pop corn machine. We love popcorn for snacks when we are watching our favorite shows on TV and although you can buy these packages of ready-to-pop- in the microwave popcorn, my daughter still want to experience how to pop those corn kernels in the popcorn machines. One day I was explaining to her that we don't really need a popcorn machine but she said that it would be nice to have one, which I agree.. somehow.. lol. See, my sister in law has one, so my daughter has this notion that popping those corn kernels in a popcorn machine is much more enjoyable that putting a package into a microwave. Oh boy, hearing a 6 year old kid reasoning out things has taken me aback sometimes. I think that my little girl is growing up too fast, maybe? I feel like she is slipping slowly from my hands - lol. I am having separation anxiety too soon for my kids. I guess this is the problem when you get too attached when raising your kids that everything revolves around them. You tend to forget the possibilities of the future.

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  1. Much pleasing! While enjoying movie popcorn is an obligatory stuff to eat. I also like to have it. Good luck for your 'little girl' and thanks for sharing a special feeling of your so nicely :).
    Popcorn machines


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