Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outdoor Furniture for the Patio

This photo  is the set of wicker furniture that we bought this year. We just had our front porch built last year so we wanted to finish it with a good quality outdoor furniture. It could have been a lot nicer if we bought the outdoor furniture covers that were offered when we bought but I did not have enough money to pay for it. It did however, come with wicker furniture cushions which I really like, so for now we are enjoying our porch with comfortable furniture. A good outdoor furniture is essential, especially if you love to entertain friends during summer time. My husband is talking me into replacing our existing back porch and build a sun porch instead. That's a very good idea for future project but not now just now. I would like to pay off our debt first before getting another loan. Maybe when he has another job and we can afford to pay monthly dues. Right now, the money is tight and I have to really stay on track with our budget so everything goes smoothly!

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  1. Hey- thanks for the really great little blog and pic on your fixing up your back patio. I just did too and I got some great wicker Outdoor Sofa Sets from a brit site with cool deals. You guys should check them out!


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