Thursday, April 12, 2012

RMU Campus

 Below are some of the drive-by shots I took when we went to my husband's school and attended his Recognition  Day.  Robert Morris University is a huge campus.  They are  constructing this Wayne Center as addition.

RMU is known  for it's business courses.  The education focuses on engaged learning experiences for every students.  They also offer online education.
Sky Watch Friday
 Blue Monday


  1. Nice shots!
    Happy SkyWatch to you!

  2. Beautiful photos for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

  3. Nice captures of RMU and the grounds. Are you in Chicago or is Robert Morris in several places? Either way, it looks like spring has sprung where you are :O)

    1. Hi Noni, I am in W.Va but these were taken in PA.

  4. Looks like a huge school Mommy Rose. Thanks for sharing.


  5. congratulations to your hubs. i love the wide expanse of grass.:p

    my Blue Monday

  6. that looks like a big campus and more addition too :-) that must be sweet Sis to attend your husband's ceremony :-) Dropping by from BM

  7. Great place to learn inside :)


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