Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nursing to Nuclear Medicine

When my husband first started going back to college, this was when he was still in active duty in the Navy, he started off with a Nursing course. He was almost done with it, all he need was to to go to a hospital and do his internship. He wasn't able to do that because we got transferred to South Korea.    

When we were there, all he could do was an online  course so he took General Studies and graduated  with Associate of Arts, General Studies.  When we came back here, he enrolled in Nuclear Medicine, he did it for two semesters and he found out that job opportunity on this course was so scarce, so he diverted to Accounting.  He is now  down to  three subjects after this semester, so hopefully he would graduate soon.  
Taken when we  were going down to the hall where the Recognition ceremony in  his school took place.
He told me that after the summer class, he still have  benefits left from his GI Bill so he wants to use it to get a certification for Medical  coding.  Hubby has so many credits in college now that if he could have took just one course,  he could have a master's degree with all the benefits that he gets from GI Bill.  But I guess it is not too bad to explore of the possibilities, so I support him fully!


  1. Good luck...it is hard but, sounds like you're all flexible and that's great.

  2. Go for it....I like that your Hubby is exploring and can work in so many avenues.

  3. i didn't know there is limited job opportunity with nuclear medicine. nursing would have been a good choice. well, the world always accountants, especially the good ones.:p

    ABC Wednesday

  4. Gee, he's had so many interesting courses so now if he can line up something where he can use everything, he'll be set for life! Good luck to him.

    abcw team

  5. what is nuclear medicine? Helping patients with radiology, for cancer treatment.

    You go a very smart husband. He won an award , didn't he?

    1. Thanks Ann, yeah we are so proud of him. He was one of the award recipient this year for academic excellence.

  6. It' good to keep studying as long as possible. That' s what my husband and I kept doing, and now my children too. Great post Rose!
    Wil,ABC Team.

  7. That's great that he's able to take so many different classes. Carver ABC Wednesday Team

  8. Accounting has so many job opportunities. But Nuclear Medicine sounds so uniquely gorgeous. Congratulations to the hubby, sis.

  9. Hello.
    Your husband sounds like a clever scholar...a fine example for your kids. Good for him! Thanks for sharing Rose. Unfortunately, I couldn't see your photo. Thanks for visiting.

    No Meaning

  10. My mother used to say that whenever you make a choice at university you close a door, so the objective was to keep as many doors open for as long as possible. Sounds like you husband has managed to do that very well, and in the future he'll certainly be glad he did! Great post!

  11. How interesting that he could take different classes! Happy week ahead.

  12. Very interesting, I didn't know either that there are limited jobs.

  13. I hope he does get a Master's Degree.

    I love the 'family-ness' of the photo. I know there's no such word but it's how it made me feel!

  14. it's good he is taking advantage of his opportunities

    Ich habe jene in meinem Garten!

  15. All the best to your hubby! I hope he finishes his course soon :)

    Late visit back for ABC Wednesday ^^


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