Monday, March 26, 2012


Something was bothering me the other day about my old url so I checked out today and found out that it has a page rank of three.    I still haven't figure out yet how this  Google ranking  works because  I haven't used that old url for  almost three years now.  I have been using  my domain one and  it was ranked   too before but  lost it. I  am pondering on using it but then I have to change   everything again to where it is registered to as a domain.  I am not sure though if it's beneficial to do that.    I was wondering if there is a web host provider that could   transfer that particular  free url so I can  use  it for the page ranks purposes.  Anyhow, I was looking at the   top webhost  listed at the Web Hosting Choice and the top ten has pretty good reviews from different customers.    Each provider has different features being offered and  the pricing  varies depending on the  features they have.  If you ever need a web host provider for your company, I recommend checking out the above mentioned  site.  They have the top 10 list of web host providers that you can  compare.  

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