Monday, March 26, 2012

Jack Russel Terrier

We have a Jack Russel Terrier who is very active.  He love to play goalie.  He will throw the ball at you all day.  If you kick the ball, he'll get it and   toss it again to you.  Champ never runs out of energy.  My FIL love him so much because aside from being playful he is also a well-mannered dog.
Now, we  added a little termite (that's what the Vet call him).  His name  is Max and he is  a toy fox terrier.
Champ  used to have a girlfriend and her name is Chelsea.  She is a Pomeranian and a run-away dog.  We got tired of her running away all the time so  we gave her away to a friend.  
Having pets is like having kids. You have to take care of them, bathe them, feed them, and teach them things. Like children, they also bring joy to  families.  


  1. There was a JRT in the movie The Artist; practically stole the film!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. They look jolly cute, but probably too active for my life style.

    abcw team

  3. your dogs are adorable! we have four at home and we love them all! that last photo is so cute!

  4. Yes, Champ has been a loyal pet to your family for a long time now. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. These are indeed very active and very friendly little dogs !
    ABC Wednesday

  6. Hello.
    Having pets is a beautiful experience. They have a way of just filing your heart and the love you show them is returned ten fold. One of my father-in-law's dogs just had 7 puppies about five weeks ago. There's already 4 dogs in the family. Dad has found homes for 6 of the pups, but he's going to keep the runt of the litter who he says is the spunkiest one of them all (smile). Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Justified Indulgence

  7. sweet pups. laughed at 'the termite'. :)

  8. Great-looking dogs! I love the black, tan and white coloring.

  9. Dogs bring a lot of enjoyment to people's lives don't they? We have no pets but our boys and their wives do and they would be lost without their pets. V

  10. They are really cute dogs. And yes, pets do bring happiness. I can't imagine not having one.


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