Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Fashionista

One of my daughter's  favorite game at home is dressing up.  She love to explore  the   fashion world in her own way.  One of her favorite accessories is hat.  Sometimes, my husband and I would  laugh because she would come up with different styles of her own.  She has a stack of toddler hats that I  keep in the closet and once in a while she would take those out and mix -n-match it with dresses and shoes.
Would you like to see  beautiful baby hats for girls?  I found this online and thought  that if I have another girl, it would be so much fun.  I am sure that my daughter would love to dress up her sister.. wink.  She actually asked us to  have another baby again but it has to be a girl so she could have a sister lol.  Check out the best baby hats that my little girl used to wear when she was younger.  Most of it were made by my sister in law who is very creative in making stuff.  

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