Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emergency Assistance Cry

Last Friday morning while I was  busy preparing   lunch for my husband,  breakfast for my kids,  and  walked my daughter to school, an   email hacker  invaded my  privacy through my email.  They hacked my email account  and used it for two  hours to send  a scam email to all of my contacts  asking for money.  One of my friends from Japan  replied  to the said email and the  hacker immediately replied.  

"Am glad you replied back,we missed our return flight and was unable to access the internet until now, I have nothing left on me right now and I am lucky to have my life and passports with me it would have been worst if they had made away with my passports. Well all I need now is just $1,550 you can have it wired to my name via Western Union I'll have to show my passport as ID to pick it up here and i promise to pay you back as soon as I get back home.Here's my info below:

Name: Rose Cottrill
Location: 63 Cannon Street
London, EC4N 5AA, UK

As soon as it is done, kindly get back to me with the Western Union Confirmation Number. Let me know if you are heading to the WU outlet now???"

After resolving the problem that I had with my email, I  dug deeper of who is living in the said address and here's what I found.  It's a business establishment called "The Center".

Front view The Centre
63  Cannon StreetLeet Street, St Paul's
  • Telephone:  020 7248 4190
  • Fax: 020 7248 4190

There are two individuals who are doing this kind of awful thing.  One is from Nigeria, he was doing the cracking  of your password and doing all the emails thing and the second one is the one  who works in London who collects the money if ever  someone fall for their scam.

I was deeply troubled with this  unfortunate event because even our emails  which is supposed to be protected with password is being invaded by criminals.  I got so many calls and emails  from friends and family asking me if  the  message they receive was true.  Good thing, I immediately  changed my log in info as soon as I noticed the  very suspicious set up in my email when I logged in.  I know right there and then that my account was compromised and I was right.

For those who receive this emergency assistance cry  from my email, please just delete it.  Don't entertain these   scumbags who lures people  of their  scams. 


  1. that's so sad, rose. those criminals should be stopped. glad you got back your email back before the hacker can do more damage. we really need to be careful these days, some people are so desperate.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Rose!

    1. Indeed Mai, they are so pathetic thinking that someone would fall for this scam.

  2. daming ganitong problem .. My SIL nag start p lng ng blog nya nahacked na agad .. I'm trying to help her sana maretrieve ..
    Anyway, times like this we really need to talk to the owner first mahirap na.

    1. Oh no, sana wag naman mahcaked ang aking blogs ayayay, I won't know what to do if that happens.

  3. That is terrible. I'm sorry this happened to your account. Carver ABC Wednesday Team

    1. It is terrible, it's like you are dealing with a vulgar inside your house. Glad they did not succeed.

  4. I almost fell for one of those from someone I knew, not well. Actually had two or three "conversations" with the perp before finally being told it was a fraud through an alternative e-mail.

    A drag, indeed.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. It's disturbing and irritating that people would do such things.

  5. What an ordeal, Rose. You did very well to act so quickly. These criminals are getting more and more shameless. I sincerely hope that we will be protected better. Fortunately your friends know you so well, that you are not the persons to ask for money.
    Thanks for your visit.

  6. Oh how horrid! Glad that these people were discovered.
    Jane x

  7. A terrible case. Unfortunately nothing on the net is as secure as it's supposed to be.

  8. That is just downright awful. I hope all is fixed and it never happens to you again.

    I hope the rest of your week goes well.

  9. How terrible! I've heard of that happening and there was a TV show about it, too. I'm so glad you got it all sorted out. We must all beware and be aware!

    abcw team

  10. Hello Rose,
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. I too have seen on the telly where innocent people have actually replied to such emails. I'm glad you got it all sorted. You'd make a good PI (smile).
    Thanks for sharing.

    Endless Love And Devotion

  11. I received such email from a friend a few years ago and I was wondering why he didn't call instead of sending email...I was skeptical and didn't reply at all..The scam is still going on!! It's better to change our password to our email account regularly.

  12. may mga tao talagang walang konsensya...they'll do everything and anything for money...mga walang hiya!


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