Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cloud Storage

Have you ever heard of  the cloud storage?  It's  one way of backing up your files and  having an access to it anywhere you go.  Why buy  expensive storage   gadget if you can get a free cloud storage?  Hubby recently  created an account  to a website similar to this one where he can store all his  school data and stuff.  Then he recently discover a free  software from Google where you can do the same.  He told me that  with Google, he can share   his document to anyone, edit it at the same time, and many other cool features.  

Well guess what, not only Google has that  feature.  Just cloud offer their services for free  for you to use.  You can store your data at Just cloud, their  program is  simple, fast, and unlimited.  You can check it out by visiting the link I have provided above.   This is great especially if your computer is as old  as mine and you have that feeling that any time soon, it's going to crash.  When you store your data at Just Cloud storage, you  are ensured that you have a back files that you can open  anytime and anywhere in the world.

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