Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gardening Addict

Two more days to go and January is over.  Here comes the  love-month peeking at us.  I am sure that some of you are already planning what to do on  the special day for   sweethearts.  Some of you might have bought your gifts already or already planned what to buy for your love ones.  As for me, I already bought what I am going to my husband.  It is actually a valentine-birthday present as he celebrates his birthday three days after Valentine's day.  
Have you every tried  ordering flowers online?  My husband  used to do this when I was still in my country and he was in Guam.  He would buy flowers and chocolate online and have it delivered at the school where I work.  It's a pretty sweet thing, it always tickles my heart lol.  But now that I am here and  I have  roses at my garden, no need to buy roses for me anymore unless it is winter where   there is no flower available in my garden.  I became a gardening addict when I came here, being a stay at home mom  gave me  an ample time to  revive what I used to do when I was growing up,  planting   stuff in the garden.  What I love  about gardening here  is that I have  plenty of resources.

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