Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our planned project for this year includes turning our dining room into an additional bedroom. We still need to save for it but that is what our goal is for this year. The kids are getting big and they would both need to have their own separate bedroom. We have to save to buy the materials we would need to renovate it and we also have to buy another set of bedroom furniture.

Alabaster Finish
I am so glad that my father in law gave us one bedroom set when we first moved in here. My husband said that one of his Aunt gave his parents that set and his Mom told him that whatever is in his bedroom when he was a kid would be his when he move out. That's why Dad gave it to us when we bought our house, which is very nice because it saves some money.

Anyhow, the selection of Drexel Heritage over at Savannah Collections are gorgeous. I have never seen one Drexel Heritage in the furniture store near our area so I was amazed by their selection. Savannah Collection also has some beautiful collection of Henredon. As I browsed the website, I came to realize that there so much to see when it comes to furniture.

Of all their selection, the Hatfield living room collection is my all time favorite. The set includes an arm chair, a love seat, and a three seater sofa. The original price is more than five grand but it is on sale for $1,878 right now. These items comes with a free standard shipping so that is a huge saving already. So if you want to find classic, modern, or contemporary kind of furniture, just visit any of the link above. They have bountiful and beautiful selection of any type of furniture.

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  1. I hope and pray that you will be able to save enough money for the construction of an additional bedroom in your house. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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