Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When we were still in South Korea, we bought our daughter an umbrella.  It's been  3 years since she had it and  she still uses it  in going to school when it's raining.
They love to play  with this despite of me saying  not to.  I dunno why but they find it very entertaining to twirl it around.
If you would notice at the last photo, Mr. Burrito  was unhappy already because he wanted to hold the umbrella but big sissy wouldn't let him.  So he was saying "It's UNFAIR."
Oh the life of siblings, one minute they're playing and  the next  minute they're  bickering wahhh.  It's very challenging on the part of  the parents.
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  1. Well it's very natural for kids to play and then suddenly to quarrel at the flimsiest reason. Maybe EJ wants to have his own umbrella. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Looks like they're having some fun time together.

    My link for Ruby Tuesday is Holiday Trees

    I do hope you'll stop by to visit with me.

  3. Must be a good umbrella to have lasted so long for a child :)

    My Ruby Tuesday

  4. My daughter is an only; interesting how she'd be w a sib.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I was the youngest of eight children, so they never bickered with me, they always did whatever I wanted them to do.

  6. I think it is natural for siblings of that age like your burritos to bicker every now and then. But they tend to be close to one another as they mature, just like my big kiddos here now.

    Always enjoying your photos, Rose!

  7. very natural. ganyan din mga kids ko, kahit malalaki na sila.. challenging talaga on our part.

  8. Very cute umbrella and lovely kids!
    Thanks for sharing:o)

    Happy day****

  9. If I had a swell Disney princess umbrella like that, I wouldn't let my brother play with it either! I say you should get him an umbrella of his own, so they can can at least have a fair fight. :~}

  10. Wow! Nice pictures, I do. Greetings.

  11. Great shots of you children with the umbrella. I was the same way with my younger brother. One minute bickering, the next playing together. My daughter was an only child so I missed the challenges you have as a parent.

  12. Beautiful umbrella! And probably very strong.

  13. So funny, the can you touch the umbrella game:-) She has a height advantage for that game, but I suspect perhaps not in the future.

  14. Lovely pics they look so happy playing together.Love Jill xxThank you for your comment.xx

  15. Hello.
    They quarrel & squabble, but they always manage to make up. That's the beauty of siblings. They're better mediators than us adults!
    Lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.

    For ref:
    Under Your Spell

  16. one minute they're playing and the next minute they're bickering wahhh.

    In this lies beauty of siblings :)

  17. Wow three years of keeping such a beautiful umbrella in shape! Very impossible for my kids haha! They break everything! Your kids are so cute hehe!

  18. Nice umbrella! I got several umbrellas at home, which are used when it rained, no chance of anyone arguing which one to use!lol

  19. disney fairy and sibling rivalry :)

    My Third Eye

  20. Nice pics and very appropriate for the theme.


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