Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 Santa (hubby) gave us an early presents.  He bought each  of shoes a pair of shoes.  Me and Ms. Burrito   got a pair of boots and Mr. Burrito got a new pair of tennis shoes.
Ms. Burrito is  growing up fast, the more she grew older, lots of attitude I have to deal with too.    I don't let it slip away though, it's better to tell  them what they  are doing wrong than to ignore it because it gets worse.

On the other note, I redeemed  my rewards for  reading  email newsletter from mypoints, a website where I am a member for  almost 4 years now.  This is my way of getting an extra shopping  spree  for  Christmas.  Shoot me an email if you want to join, it's free ( no string attached) just pure rewards.  PS.. This is good for US residents only.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. True parents must love children when they have to and also admonish them if they do something wrong. Because the learnings at this age would be helpful for them them to be a better person in future. And those are lovely boots your daughters wearing.

  2. very STYLISH. A model, SOMEDAY?
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Basta shoes panalo na yan in my books. Pagka ganda - ganda ni Rylie sis.

  4. ang galing...laki nang pang shopping spree mo sis....:)

    I love your shoes!

  5. That is awesome! Shopping galore ka talaga nyan mommy rose. Just chatting my nephew, and he asked me about this credit here in fb, I have to say NO! Though sa kailaliman nang puso ko parang gusto ko nang mag give in. I don't want him to be spoiled naku mahirap na. Hanggang maaga pa talagang disciplina na dapat. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. gorgeous boots = very smart -pretty pictures - have a good week - Jane UK

  7. I love shoes!! great shots and take on the theme!!

    S is for ...

  8. Love the boots, great presents from your santa, and congratulation! Rewards from mypoint.

  9. Special gifts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. wow, beautiful shoes for the young lady :)

  11. What a thoughtful husband and father. The boots are lovely. I was looking for boots yesterday also.

  12. that shoes a little bit familiar. saw one like it in jcpenny :) I wanted to buy same style but its already out of stock waaaa! so i bought another one and its a tall boot too! ala pa na-share sa blog coz of busy tweaking. hehehe

  13. Fun shots for S. Very stylish boots.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Yay for new shoes!

  15. Love the boots. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Hello.
    I am not a parent, but I agree children should be disciplined from an early age.
    With that being said, your daughter is adorable. She's a natural in front of the camera.
    Thanks for sharing.

    A Sweet, Spanish Flower

  17. Wow, what a beautiful pair of boots you just had. Same with Rylie and EJ. Children are far different from children of our time. But sometimes we have to adjust to our children who are brainwashed by modern culture. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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