Friday, November 18, 2011

Fruit Trees

I grew up in a tropical island in the Philippines where bamboo plants are a common sight. Most of the houses in my place uses bamboo for a lot of things especially in building their nipa hut and other stuff. I remember when one of the strongest typhoon hit us, our home was washed away by a tidal wave so we built a small shanty and we relied for the bamboos to make our shelter. Most of the fruit trees during that storm was all torn down and all the young fruits were wasted.

But anyhow, when I came here I was amazed how other homes have fruit trees full of fruits but they don't pick them. They let the fruit fall on the ground which I feel so bad because there is no such thing in my country. We never waste any food at all.

When we bought our house, there is two apple trees at our backyard, one is ornamental and one is edible. We had so many fruits last year and my SIL made some apple pie out of it. This year however, it did not bore any fruits. I think we have to tear it don because it looks like it has some disease on the tree. I found different kinds of fruit trees at Willis Orchard Co. online and maybe next year, we can replace the apple tree at the back.

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  1. Totoo yon bamboos are everywhere dito sa atin. Pag ang house ay made of bamboo napaka cool at gusto mong matulog. Visiting here sis, blessings!

    His Unfailing Love

    Bacolod and Beyond


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