Monday, November 28, 2011


I brought my daisy inside the house because I didn't want it to die this winter. This is a memorable plant as my FIL gave it to me during my birthday last year.  
I saved this plant  from Winter last year by bringing her inside and I am glad she survived.
I am hoping that  she would  continue to live for a long time.
As you can see the leaves are turning  yellow due to lack of sunlight.  I was surprised  to see  two flowers has blossomed   weeks after I brought it in.


  1. Beautiful, love the colour.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. lovely yellows!
    thanks for visiting :)

  3. What a lovely daisy. It reminds me of hyacinth my husband bought for my birthday. it's a bulb, and I planted it near our driveway and every year, it grows back and blooms.

    My post here

  4. Wonderful to have it flower inside for you. Hopefully it will live through your winter again. Such a lovely bright flower.

  5. That's very nice. Simple but pretty. And still going despite... =)

  6. What a sturdy daisy you have with you! I guess it survives because of your care! Lovely color!

  7. You can probably use a sunlamp to give it artificial sunshine so that it will survive the harsh winter conditions. It is indeed beautiful. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. pretty daisy..they will be safe in the house..

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit me too:)

  9. Beautiful daisy. It is good to see flowers even it is winter time. I hope it will survive.

  10. Really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that sunshine!


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