Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild Berries in Red and Orange

Some of the wild berries that we passed by at Marland Heights when we went for a walk last night.  I really don't know what they are but I called them wild berries anyway so you are welcome to tell me what's the right name  of those beautiful colored berries (there I go again lol).

This is the kind of nature walk that would be fun for people to take a break from working on their online paralegal programs and reconnect with the beauty around


  1. Thanks for expressing what's in your mind!

  2. super ganda...adgitizing lang po!

  3. Wow, the pictures are scenic and beautiful. The berries stalks will look good in a vase too.

  4. Aye - time to start gathering the fruits of the harvest ready for our wreaths.
    ABC Team

  5. Beautiful colours - the birds will be pleased with those - my holly tree in the garden is covered with bright red berries too - Jane UK

  6. I think some of them are called pyricantha sp?
    We are beginning to see them take color around here too.

  7. I've seen berries like that around here, but I don't know what kind of tree they grow on. Beautiful photos,

    abcw team

  8. I believe this is called pyrancantha. It has beautiful red berries in the fall. Nice shots.

  9. Beautiful berries! are they edible?

  10. Those wild berries look very delicious. I also don't know the name of those berries. They look like our very own ratiles. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. I think they are possibly Mountain Berry Ash berries. Pretty aren't they?


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