Thursday, October 6, 2011

Face in the Cloud

On the first shot, I can see a mouth, a nose and a long chin. Can  you see it??
I like the pinkish color underneath this  dark cloud.
I am glad that we have a sunny day today.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts.

  2. Ang haba ng chin Rose hahaha...hay naka balik na ulit sa blog land...kararating ko lang galing Manila waaaaa..

  3. I saw it sis...parang cyclops...hehehe!

  4. I can see the face also. Very forlorn clouds, did you have rain from them?

  5. Yes, I see it too Rose. You are very observant and has a wide imagination to see things not ordinarily seen by others. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Face it!!! It's definitely there!! Great shots!!!!


  7. definitely a face of a man in the cloud. I did not see it at once, it took me time before I finally figured out. lol

  8. Wonderful photos from the cloudy sky.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Beautyful shots!
    I like most the second one.

    Have a nice WE!

  10. Heisann!

    Thanks a lot for visiting me!

    The face must be the face of a troll, I can imagine!
    hope you have nice weather. Do you plan to take a walk? Join me virtually on Sunday ;:OD)
    I scroll to discover old posts!

  11. Hello chubskulit,
    Thank you for your Visit, and yes of course I can stop by, thanks for the Invitation.

    I very much like your Header, it is a lovely introduction, and the overall colour combination of this Blog is interesting. Has a warm elegant feel.

    Now to the SWF moment... As I relaxed and let my mind focus, yes I could see the mouth, nose and long chin of the Cloud... though I thought maybe a long narrow beard as an alternative to chin.
    The pinky tone underneath creates like a hazy feel. Interesting shape of Cloud as it moves across the Sky.
    Both photos are quite interesting.

    Thank you from Magda and Family in Australia

  12. I like the grand sweep of the clouds in the sky in that second shot. Lovely!

  13. These are wonderful sky shot, I liked the second one a lot. very nice. Thanks for visiting my blog..

  14. Yes, I can definitely see the face in that first picture. Great capture.


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