Friday, September 30, 2011

Puzzle Purrfect

One of the puzzles that my daughter love to work on most of the time. She can put this puzzle together faster than I do.
"Mr. Perfect doesn't necessarily mean Mr. Right."


  1. Cute! I love puzzles and haven't done in years, and years! Maybe a fun project for this winter.

  2. That is great she enjoys doing this. It is teaching skill for her. I love putting puzzles together especially in the winter.

  3. Oh how fun for Pink Saturday. My grandchildren love to put together cool and not TOO challenging jigsaw puzzles as well. In fact, it's a great way for our whole Sandwich Generation family to visit while working together on the puzzle. :)

  4. Well, here we are again..Thank God for another Pink Saturday to visit and see what you have been up to..Fall is keeping her distance around here..I am longing for some cool crisp weather....check out "My Sweet Prairie Home" and see what my daughter is up to!
    God Bless You....

  5. at first, i thought it was a portrait.. :)

  6. Cute! When I was younger I loved to do puzzles during the cold winter months. Maybe I'll start one again ...

  7. Puzzles are fun and relaxing...good for the ol' brain, too! One of life's simple pleasures. Happy Pink DAy~

  8. Jigsaw's are great fun!! good for the brain!! Happy Pink Saturday! And thanks for visiting my blog!!

  9. What a sweet puzzle. I just want to hold him and pet him! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am your newest follower!


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