Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Insects in our Backyard

A couple of days ago, my husband mentioned that he hasn't seen any praying mantis this year.  Well, this morning when I was  looking at my butterfly bush I saw one.  I called my  son and showed it to him.
I tried to let  him crawl in my hand but  he flew.
Then I went to our vegetable garden, I saw a much bigger one when I was picking the  beans.
I took a picture  of him and  he looked at me like saying "What are you doing?" Lol!  This one stayed there for a long time and Ms. Burrito got to see  him when she came home fro school.
I went back to the butterfly bush hoping that the little praying mantis came back but I found  this grasshopper instead.
I am so happy that there are  good insects in our  backyard.


  1. love these- not sure why
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Those critters are so fascinating. They really do look like they are praying.

  3. lol. nice shots Rose. :) it's like you are a detective coz you keep on looking for insect clues.

  4. Fascinating creatures, nice to have them in your backyard. Love the photos.

  5. Looks like you could contribute to the "Animal Channel".

  6. Thanks Wanda, maybe I should consider that hahaha. Just kidding.

  7. Cool pics and though insects aren't my favorite subject, it's perfect for "I".

  8. Love those close up photos. He looks as if he could climb up in my hand.

    Linda ABC Wednesday Team
    Http:// word-painting.blogspot.com

  9. I love your insect photos! I've not been out to look for insects because the mosquitoes keep biting me instead.

  10. They are strange looking insects. I very seldom see them, myself.

  11. Thanks for following me. The pictures you took are great! We had some praying mantis' that were born in our snowball bush. There were dozens of them. I wish we took pictures of all of them!

  12. I'll take the mantis, but you can keep the grasshopper! They eat on one of my trees every year. Great captures...without the jar! :-)

  13. Yes, praying mantis and grasshoppers are good insects. Your yard is a magnet for all kins of God's little creatures. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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