Thursday, November 10, 2011

Florida Getaways

During our recent  getaway to Disney World a couple of months ago, we've found a pretty good deal on this trip and we had so much fun.  We  booked our  flight and hotel accommodations early which saved us  hundreds of dollars.
Disney World - Orlando Florida 2011
Our trip to Pensacola Florida wasn't an official vacation trip but we made the most out of it with our  one week  stay.  We explored the beautiful beaches of this particular city down in Sunshine State.  

Pensacola Florida 2006

Our trip in Pensacola  was supposedly an official business trip since  my husband has to attend school in one of the military  facilities  in Pensacola.  But he  decided to take us with him and paid for our own travel expenses out of his pocket  but it was all worth it.  I got to enjoy a temporary warm days while we were there.
Sky Watch Friday
Pink Saturday


  1. Lovely family photos with memories of various places!

    Btw, my deepest condolence to you and John's family with the demise of his brother. His sufferings have finally ended. May he rest in peace with our Lord in heaven!

  2. sorry about your BIL..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Sign?

  3. I have cousins in Pensacola and we live "right down the road", so to speak, from Disney. (In fact..we have relatives who work there.. FREEBIE!)

    Glad you had a lovely time. Nice photos!

  4. I'm sorry about your loss.

    Wonderful shots. Looks like a fun place to explore.

  5. Looks like a happy family on holiday!

  6. lovely photos of your beautiful family with lots of pretty pink. i am very sorry for your loss, though, and send prayers and love to you and yours. love on this pink saturday. xo

  7. Lovely photos, sorry for your loss. ~Diane

  8. It's great to always plan ahead. Your early booking for your flight back home saved you a lot of dollars in savings. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. Looks like fun! Happy skywatching!

  10. Very happy photos at Disney. How wonderful for your family. I am so sad about the loss in your family. Peace with no more pain is a blessing in a sad way. My sympathy to you all.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  11. My condolence's, I don't know your story, but I do know about cancer.
    Stretching out a "hug" to you and yours...
    Lovely pictures of you and your family...

  12. cool! Looks as you had a great trip. :)

  13. Look like everyone had a wonderful time. I am still working on our scrapbook from our trip to Disney World in 2005. I had so many mementos and pictures I've had to start a 3rd book.

    Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques


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