Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Travels

We have been blessed with opportunities to travel in some of the beautiful countries in Asia like the Philippines and Korea.  My family love to travel and we hope that we could  go in some places that we have never been yet like Europe and other travel destinations.  

Below are some of the travels we've made in Asia.

Our getaway to the beautiful island of Jeju was our last  mini vacation in the land of  the morning calm, South Korea.  We had  a blast out there.
Jeju Island in Korea 2009
We went on  a mountain hike at Mt. Jiri, South Korea, a couple of months after we got there.  That was our very first  getaway.  It was a little tiring with two  kids in tow but nevertheless, we had so much fun on that hike.
Mt. Jiri in South Korea - 2008
Then we decided to go on another mountain trip but this time we did not climb but rode a cable car instead lol.
Mt. Seorak in South Korea - 2009
We  visited the Philippines twice while we were living in Korea.  Philippines is a beautiful country to  go for a vacation and very cheap too.
Lignon Hill, Legazpi City Philippines - 2009
Planning a vacation  is  exciting. The key to finding deals on vacation is  browsing  online travels.  You just have to be resourceful in  digging up deals online. 


  1. This looked like a fun time had on all those vacations. I have never been on that many get-a-ways in my whole 77 years. Trips are good memory builders, kids never forget the fun times in their life.

  2. kakainggit...ang gaganda ng mga places and photos nyo rose...hehe

  3. Ako wish ko yan maka travel sa korea .. Wala lang parang cool yon place nila eh =)

  4. I love to travel too Rose. Sad to say I don't have enough time other than a week most especially that the place where I work will be going to give me more hours probably a week or two weeks from now.

    I can see that you and your family are having fun. Hope your wishes will come true. Have a nice day.

  5. Nakakainggit naman ang inyong mga travels, Rose. I need to save up enough dime for it :-)

  6. Yes, your stay and vacation trips in Korea were some of the best highlights of your family life. Korea has left so many lasting memories for your family. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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