Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cricket or Grasshopper?

I was picking my veggies the other day and this cricket decided to hop on my shirt. My kids loves and fascinated with critters like this so I walked slowly towards our house. I called and showed them what's on my shirt and they were so amazed that he did not jumped down when I walked inside the house.
I released the little fella after my kids   saw them and he stayed a good bit  outside our door which gave me time to  take some more photos.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for visiting!
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  1. Jumbo pala kahit tipaklong jan ate Rose, masarap ihapunan yan. Joke :)

    Thanks for the reply pala ate sa aking question, confused lang ako kc nga wala clang ganyan sa Western world. Namomroblema na ako no kung paano ko ilalagay apelyido ko eh wala pa akong anak..hahaha...thanks much :) Mwah!

  2. Those are some great pictures! I grew up on a farm and we always had lots of interesting critters to look at. Yet to me, this looks much more like a grasshopper (although I'm not sure the species), than a cricket.

    Take a look at for some pictures of grasshoppers, as well as this list:

    For a contrast, take a look at for a little bit about crickets. They are closely related to grasshoppers, but look a bit different.

  3. Thanks Aldon, I actually thought it was a grasshopper too but the color is brown and it was littler compared to the former so I assumed that it's a cricket. Thanks for the added info though.

  4. It's a grasshopper, Tokaya. sensya na now lang nakadalaw.

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  6. I think its a cricket? LOL I really am not sure mine is up and its here Points of View and Thoughts

  7. It must have really liked you. I would say it is a grasshopper.

  8. It must have really liked you. I would say it is a grasshopper.

  9. Looks like a grasshopper to me. In the US, grasshoppers and crickets look nothing alike. And crickets don't stick around to be photographed. Nice shots.

  10. Cute photos! I love seeing insects up close. So fascinating.

  11. What a happy looking little fellow!

  12. Grasshopper....
    I would have freaked Rose if it had jumped on me. :)
    Great shots!!

  13. Hahaha, you have such a magnetic personality that even insects like that grasshopper became so attached to you. Your kids must have been so thrilled to see a grasshopper in your blouse. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  14. A lovely grasshopper! We have a ton. My kittens like to eat them. sigh.


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