Thursday, August 4, 2011

Designer Clothing for Children

I have mentioned in my other site that we went to the place where we bought our daughter's school uniform yesterday.  I am relieved that she'll be using uniform everyday now.  Last year, we bought her new clothes to wear in school because kindergarten  are not required to  wear uniform.  Most of the kids that goes in our daughter's school wear designer children's clothing especially the kids  which parents are doctors and lawyers.  

I have found some designer's clothing for children at La-Di-Da website.  I love the selection  of Eva & Oli and Neige brands.  If you are into designer  clothes for your tots, am sure you will like these brands as they have a good  selection  and beautiful designs  for their children fashion.  It is nice to shop for kids clothing especially foir girls because you get so many selection and La-Di-Da offer so many of them.  

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  1. buti d required sa skul ni Rye ang uniform pag kindergarten...I prefer uniform kasi alang pambili nang pala tong classmates ni Rye...designer clothing ang sinusuot...ehehhe....:)


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