Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dental Milestone

Our daughter  has lost the very first tooth that came our when she was seven months old.  She was very happy when it came out yesterday.  She still have one that is loose  so she is pretty excited about it too.  She said that she is going to put the tooth under her pillow tonight so the tooth fairy will give her a gift, hahaha Kids!  You can see her excitement of losing a tooth on the picture below.
I am glad though that both of my kids are not afraid  on visiting our dentist.  She is really with kids so my kids easily got used to her.  There are Dentists that are naturally  good with handling kids just like the one that we have.  Usually kids doesn't trust anyone  to look into their  teeth but  if a dentist has this charm, they could easily persuade kids to have it done.  The Smile Generation website can help you find the dentist  that will fit your schedule, budget, and location.

My daughter's dental milestone frightens me a little bit.  She is growing up so fast and soon she won't  let me call her my baby anymore hahaha.  I remember the separation anxiety that I felt when we first sent her to kindergarten school, I got sick lol.


  1. level na ititch...hehhehe....I was 7 when I first loss my baby tooth...ilan na ngayon yung missing tooth ni Rye sis? pretty smile!

  2. Ako sis di ko alam hahaha.. Tooth fairy gave her two bucks lol.

  3. I am not looking forward to Trinity losing hers. Right now those little baby teeth are so cute. Your daughter is brave.


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