Saturday, August 6, 2011

Callie Torres of Grey's Anatomy

One of my favorite actresses in Grey's Anatomy show on TV is Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres.  She's spunky, bubbly, and even if  she can carry plus size formal dresses fashionably.  It's funny because  my daughter likes her too even if she seldom  watch the show as I don't really let her watch those kinds of TV shows.  Some women are not comfortable of having a plus size body but I think that if you know  how to work your  fashion out, it won't be a problem.  Below is how bubbly Callie Torres is, I like her character on the show.  I wonder if she is  really a lesbian in real life?
Callie Torres
Exploring the stores here in America is hard for me as I am petite, so plus size women should be grateful because there are so many plus size clothing available in every store.  In fact there are  stores that caters only for plus size women  just like the One Stop Plus online store.    The selection of  plus size clothing  at the said  store are huge.  Right now, they are having End-of-Season sale.  Prices of summer  clothing  starts at a low low price of $5.99 each so this is your chance to save money in getting your   fashionable summer wear.

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