Friday, July 8, 2011

Plastic Decor

When we cleaned up the attic, we found different stuff that the former owner had stacked in there. There are wine bottles, woods, decors, and different things.  They had these colorful decors for different occasions.
Not sure if this is for thanksgiving holiday.
I am inlove so I am sure of this one lol.
They actually have so many but some of them were disintegrating already so we threw  'em out.
The former owner of this house  were very festive.  We found boxes of  plastic Easter eggs at the attic lol.


  1. wow, baka may treasure map dun rose^_^. ang laki pala ng house nio,may attic at basement pa. naku, ang hirap cguro maglinis:)

    have a happy week.

  2. so you have a ready St Patrick's day decoration

  3. It looks like the former owners really celebrated the holidays. They must have had children!

    My Mellow Yellow Post is in celebration of the 4th of July and is a poem of mine!

  4. Wow! What nice finds! You know recently naa-addict ako dun sa shows na Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. Have you heard of them? Malay mo, may hidden treasure pala diyan sa attic nyo. :D

    Goodluck treasure-hunting!

  5. Those are very nice art Rose, did you nkeep some of those, btw here's my entry for BM thanks

  6. i love the cupids, too.:p
    so you have an attic full of treasures.:p


  7. Mukhang mahilig nga sa kasayahan ang dating me ari nang bahay na tinitirahan nyo ngayon. Marami pa kayong mapapakinabangan sa mga decors na iniwan nila. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. wow, ang gaganda Rose, lalo na si kupido hehehe.

  9. The previous owners were ready for any and even all celebrations! The kids when they were young were happy to decorate with festive decorations for the celebrations. Cool!

  10. wow thats definitely for keeps!

  11. i love that two cupids.

    visit from RT, MYM, and GM: here's mine

  12. i like the cupids too...

    having found those means you need to continue celebrating all the events for the whole year round hehehe...

  13. cute, very colorful love all the art!

  14. they love feast, holidays and celebrations hehe. I would keep it kung ako yan lol.

  15. ok din yun kasi magagamit sa bawat occasion.

  16. wow! those are cool...ang ganda naman....:) dami pala hidden treasures jan sa inyo sis.

  17. Very nice and cool designs..

    you may like this


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