Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Columbine flowers are beautiful.  These shots  were taken at my SIL's garden.  My neighbor has some columbine too but they are in pink.  She gave me some seeds to plant but I am not sure if  it's going to grow hehehe.
Columbine and  lupine are two of my husband's favorite flowers.

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  1. Thanks for visiting friends. Sorry that I wasn't able to visit your page, we are leaving for a getaway tomorrow so we have things that we took care of today.

  2. Blue n White... is a unusual combo. Very Pretty! Great shots.

  3. The flower is lovely. Wishing you a pleasant and safe journey. Happy weekend getaway!

  4. These are our Colorado state flower!♥♫

  5. Those are beautiful. I've never seen that kind of flower before.

  6. it looks delicate and beautiful. the color combination is gorgeous.

  7. Pretty blooms!I wish we have those blooms at home!

  8. lovely...nice shot! enjoy your holiday! visiting from Rye's meme, CConnection, have a great week! :)


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