Saturday, July 23, 2011


Water Sprinkler # 1:  Hey there, how ya doin'?
Water Sprinkler # 2:  I am feeling great!  You?
WS # 1:  I am too, coz I see you!
WS # 2:  Hahaha, you haven't changed a bit!
WS # 1:  Seriously, I miss those times.  Do you still remember the first time we kissed?
WS # 2:  Yep I do.
WS # 1:  Maybe we could kiss again, for old time sakes?
WS # 2 :  Yeah I guess, but  we have to do our job first.
Champ:  Hey you guys, what are you  talking about?  You have lots of job to do so quit messing around.
LOL, just having a good time here folks, hope you enjoy my post.


  1. Have a nice weekend everyone, thanks for your comments.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Awww what a cuuutie! =)

  4. It seems as if old friends, who haven't seen each other for a while were just catching up with life around the garden. Hey, it is a great day to renew a friendship, Champ doesn't quite get it...

  5. yes, those are lovely cuties to shoot.

  6. Fun shadows the colors and the conversation :)

  7. Lovely post.
    Thank you for smile :)


  8. Cute dog! I wonder what he was thinking sitting there as the "conversation" went on. Smile.

  9. I love how you posed your watering pots!!

    That puppy is precious, too. :)

  10. Good shots,cute conversations.The doggie is adorable.


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