Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Source of Water

I saw this newly painted water thingy at Hannover Park last month.  We still use this kind of  product in the Philippines especially at our place where there is no city water.  Most of the houses there has their own.  I am not sure but I think, they took off a part of this where the water goes.

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  1. that's what we call 'bomba' hehe, we used to have that..

  2. Hi Cherrey, we still use that too in Mama's place and we call it Bomba hehehe..

  3. interesting, right? and what's most interesting is that i also took a photo like this, an old water pump, an the cave thta we went to a couple weeks ago. i actually asked the cave guide if they're using that pump but i was told they don't, it's just for display. :)

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  4. My grandparents used to have that BOMBA. But seems like may missing part ang bomabang ito.hehe.

    Thanks for joining sis!

  5. Great find for Ruby. Me bomba rin pala dyan, hahaha.

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  6. oh wow that's awesome! Haven't seen one for ages :)


  7. bakit ang slim ng pump na to Rose sa atin taba diba? hahaha... saya... nice capture... was here dear..

  8. ang bomba namin inde red..rusty..hahaha.,brown!LOL!

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  9. Love your 'source of water'. Im listed next to you this week on Ruby Tuesday. Stop by for a visit.
    Sheila @ Raggedykingdom.blogspot.com

  10. I don't really see pumps like this that works in here, just a display. Thanks for the visit guys!

  11. This is interesting. We use electric pumps nowadays - but the end product is the same.

    All the best, Boonie

  12. Great red example! I see these once in awhile on old farmsteads or for ornament in omeone's back yard.

  13. Was your water problem in your place fixed already? I hope you now have running water already. It's really so hard to get by without water. Probably that's what you need, a deep well with a hand pump to take care of water emergencies. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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