Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rebounder and Trampoline

I am so glad that  we have a trampoline where the active Burritos can jump this summertime.  We won't be able to  buy a swing set  this year  and  this trampoline would keep them busy when we are at the backyard. Even our dog, Champ, wants to jump in there with the kids lol.  Hubby and I jump with the kids once in a while.  I am wondering if we could leave this  in the yard  during winter time.  It would be hard to disassemble it if we can't.

I was looking at the selection of  needak trampoline at Needak Rebounder last night and wonder what's the difference.  It turns out that this  rebounder is available in folding  design.  You can fold this  if you  want to store it inside your home.  The rebounder  is specifically design for exercising purposes.  According to the testimonials made by customers who uses rebounder, this strengthens every organ in your body.  Sounds pretty good isn't it.  Here you go guys, for those who wants to stay fit, this one might be a perfect choice for you.     One advanatge of this rebounder is that you can opt to buy the folding ones where you can just store it inside the house when you don't need it unlike the trampoline.

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  1. everytime Akesha sees a trampo...she would always say "it's just like Rye's"...ehehhee! san na kaya ang!


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