Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doggie's Pool

Pictures were taken when we visited my FIL Dave. heir dog Jack has a small swimming pool at their deck. Jack showed Champ how to swim in it but our little fella is not used to it so he didn't attempt to try.
It's fun to watch  Jack swim in his pool.
My share for watery Wednesday!


  1. that is so cute. furbaby is having the time of his life.

  2. soo cute!
    Like your blog.
    Definitely following


  3. ayaw ni Champ kasi mababaw daw ang tubig Rose hehehe.

  4. Nakakatuwa naman yung asong yan, may sariling swimming pool, hehehe. Too bad Champ does not want to try it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. How cute! A dog that actually likes to take baths! :D

  6. takot sa tubig.. hahahah... naku dito ang mga askal walang was here rose.

  7. Love this we have one just a little bigger for our German shepherd and she lays in it on hot days.

  8. Too cute! a great way to stay cool on a warm spring day :)


  9. haha, ang cute.. Sa amin makita pa lang ni dogie yon water tago na.

  10. Is Champ afraid of water?
    Thanks for dropping by...

  11. Hi Lina, nope he isn't but he is not used to swimming in the pool hehehe..

  12. what a cutie!! but i think his pool looks a little bit small for him! haha! thanks for sharing your whites this week!


  13. How adorable is this? So very cute. I bet your little furbaby has such fun.

    Thanks for popping by this week. Hope to see you again real soon. I love having your company.

    A River To Cross is my Thursday post.

  14. Ahhh that is so cute! Just look at them! How cute!

  15. Un buen baño
    no hace daño.

    A good bath
    it does not hurt

  16. We have cats only in the house..
    Visiting from Wednesday White is up..


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