Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Bell

I took a picture of this pink bell  plant's bloom when we went to  the store to buy the stuff we need for our vegetable garden.  Ain't that pretty?


  1. absolutely pretty, Rose. Mine is up and its here thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

  2. prettylicious!

    happy PF!

    want to ask a lil favor:) ur comment for this blog post will help a lot

    many thanks

    my PF entry is here

  3. Those are beautiful flowers--such a lovely pink shade, and the shape is a perfect bell. Lovely. Mickie :)

  4. hala ang ganda...kakaiba..hehe

  5. Sa amin yellow bell dami heheh ang punk eh maganda din...happy PF! Mine is up.

    Mine is here

  6. Love the soft pink! It looks so delicate.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

    Carletta's Captures

  7. A great shape, it looks like a hat for Puck in Midsummer's Night, or the Fairy Queen Titania.

  8. Love the graduated pink color.

  9. wow, these are cute bell flowers..thought these are lamps

    hope u could visit my entry

  10. lovely. great to see different flowers around...visiting late from PF, sorry! have a great week! :)

  11. oh wow, that is a unique bell. first time i've seen this. visiting from PF! :D

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