Monday, May 30, 2011

The Joy of Being a Parent

Having two very energetic kids is a joy and exhausting at the same time. The exhaustion however is always overshadowed by the joy you feel when you see them laughing and giving you hugs and kisses and tell you that they love you.  The joy of being a parent is magical.
Sometimes, you wish that they won't grow up, that they could just stay as young as they are  for us to cuddle and hug all the time.


  1. Love that beautiful blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  2. They definitely grow up much too fast. That is why it is so important to enjoy and love them daily.

  3. so true yung last statement nyu po! i wish my niece and nephews won't grow!LOL! :D

    cutie kiddies you have te rose!!!

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  4. Haha. Love Mr. Burrito's expression.

    My RUBY link.

  5. i totally's very rewarding to become parents

  6. i totally's very rewarding to become parents

  7. Definetely enjoy all the moments with them!

  8. All parents feel that way Rose. They want their children to remain as they are for a long time. But nature takes its course with all people. Children grow up sooner or later. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. sweet...sana nga d na sila lalaki ano...hehehe!

  10. But kids grows so fast...
    Have a great day Rose, cute photos!

  11. korak!!! well dahil di mo naman mapigilan na lumaki sila, ma mi-miss mo ang pagka baby nila..kaya enjoy habang baby pa...hehe

  12. They do grow up quickly. Jeremy, my 26-year-old, who moved into his fancy ( $3200/mo San Francisco apt two months ago - thankfully, the get $1000 off because his roommate works for the rental company ) told to weigh myself and, when I lose five pounds, he'll come home for a visit. Bratty boy!

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  13. Your little ones are adorable, and yes they do grow up quickly don't they?

  14. I agree 100%!! That's why enjoy them while they are still young and they like to tag with us. Time will come they don't want to come with us because they have friends to go with or something to do. ^)^

  15. Naku same feeling kung pwede lang talaga na bata n lang sila .. Nice photo..


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