Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Elegant WP Themes

I noticed that a lot of bloggers I know had transferred their Blogger platform blogs into WordPress.  They said that it is much better with WP  compared to the former platform.  I had a  short experience of having a WP blog but then I had to give it up because my IP address was being blocked and I couldn't access it.  I think it was due to the   hosting provider being down and I did not want to fool with it so I gave up.  Besides I had too many already that I couldn't keep up anymore, it was a nice experience though.  

What I liked about it is that there are  certain  websites that provides  elegant WP themes and you have so many options of  choosing the design of your blog that would  suit your blog's theme.  In fact I have  came across wpStyles website that offers  an in-depth review of the different kinds of designs webmasters  and blog owners.   They have a gallery where you can find  Word Press eCommerce themes, magazine themes, personal blog themes, Word Press Portfolio themes, and a lot more.  So if you are looking for an elegant  WP themes, try to check out wpStles, you won't regret  taking time to browse their site.

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  1. thanks for the share MommyRose..ill check this out..Yep, i am one of those who transfered a blog from blogger to wordpress..i think i am starting to like WP na


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