Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As I have mentioned on my other blog, we took our kids at the carnival yesterday but we were too late because they were packing out already lol.
Oh well, it's money saved hehehe. The price of the tickets for games and rides are ridiculously high anyway.
I just don't understand their timing because they set it up when the rain was pouring continuously then when it finally  warm up, they left, whew!
I took the photos while we were  driving as we left the area.  With so many photos  in my archive, I am planning to order some photo books soon.  I have order some printed ones on my  other photos so I will be arranging it  I am just waiting for my daughter's vacation because she love to do that kind of stuff with me.


  1. blessing in disguise ba:) im sure babalik yan, ready kna to buy tickets hehe

  2. Great pictures, excellent view of these beautiful sights.

  3. Sayang naman. Oh well, there's always a next time naman.

  4. oh... too bad. sorry to hear that. some other time, i guess...

  5. Sorry for the late visit too manang kow.. and thanks for visiting My Mellow Yellow Monday: Personalized Yellow cake, etc. I had a happy birthday and thanks to those who greeted. :)

    That's an awesome game ride on the pic!

  6. Waaah! Sayang naman! I love rides! :D hehe.. Share the fun if ever maabutan mo ung carnival. :)

  7. Hahaha..baka gusto nilang naliligo sa ulan ang mga riders nila Rose hehehe.

  8. Its a blessing, baka magkasakit pa dahil sa ulan.

    Yes, I need to do something with my photos, too.

  9. lol, parang pinagsa-save talaga kau mommyRose.or cguro feel lang nila ang rain


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